Internship Curriculum:

Assigned a series of tasks, our interns experience all the aspects of a large trust hospital. They get a chance to work directly with patients from the poor economic conditions and get a first-hand glimpse of the hardships of life, and the trials and tribulations faced every day by the poor in our society. As part of their internship, students are required to visit the rural and peri-urban areas around Lahore where the NUR-community outreach program of FMS caters to the educational, health and vocational needs of grassroots communities. This provides the young leaders of tomorrow an opportunity to interact with the underprivileged communities of Pakistan so they can appreciate the luxuries they are blessed with and feel their responsibility to convert the glaze in the eyes of the poor into hope.

All-year around Internship Opportunities are available for Undergraduate and Graduate Students, while Summer Internship is arranged for Intermediate /O & A-Level/Equivalent Students. The Summer Internship is advertised in Mid-February and the application forms are made available in the schools and online. Registration Process commences in Mid-March and concludes by Mid-May. The Internship usually begins in the Second Week of June. The Internship runs 9 am to 1 pm from Monday to Friday for 2-4 weeks. A Concluding Session/ Dissemination Ceremony is arranged at the end of Internship Session to present certificates to Interns for Internship Completion and to commemorate the efforts of interns with their parents & teachers.

Around 1000 interns have visited different NUR community areas where they interact with community members, students, VTI graduates, health service staff and write a case study on them NUR Community Outreach Program
Through the Computer Donation Drive (PROGRESS THRU PROCESSORS) 6 Computers were donated to Malikpur Community School by the interns NUR Community Outreach Program
30 Free Nutrition Camps arranged in Community areas by the interns working under Nutrition Department NUR Community Outreach Program and Interns gain Practical Experience
PKR. 250,000; 700 kg of ration donated for IDP Relief and Flood Relief during the year 2014 and 2015. National Benefit
350 + books along with PKRs.60,000 worth of toys donated to Malikpur Community NUR Community Outreach Program
ECG Machine worth PKR 1,50,000, EEG Monitor worth PKR 1,00,000 donated by interns to the FMH Emergency in 2015 Fatima Memorial Hospital
With support of NCRP a School Health Advocate Club was formulated with 40 Pledge makers for School Health Advocacy NUR Center for Research and Policy
PKR 6, 00.000 has been generated as part of the fund raising campaign 2017 by the interns. NUR Community Outreach Program
Adopt a child campaign has been initiated by the Interns 2017 to adopt financially and to make personal efforts in teaching them through weekend engagement program. NUR Community Outreach Program
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