NSLP aims towards grooming the youth to work effectively towards improvement in personal as well as professional dimensions. It further instils the responsibility to critically evaluate the societal fabric, identify the issues and come up with solutions to serve the nation and the country in a better and effective manner. Program’s goals also encompass the belief that self-awareness enhances the propensity to work effectively at both personal & professional level.

The internship program offers various trainings consisting of PowerPoint presentations and assignments along with different campaigns; in which the interns take up the leading roles. The impact of empathetic understanding is multiplied with visits to the community areas.

Young people are the stewards and leaders of Pakistan therefore NSLP provides them the platform to voice their opinion. Unlike other internship programs, it fosters the young minds with ethical and moral values with the concern of bringing and cultivating intellectually developed and civilized society. This program aims to develop the youth both at professional and personal level. Nonetheless coming from varied backgrounds, this amalgamation proves to serve for the betterment and transformation of the community & society together.



NSLP believes that writing is a vital component of a leader’s communication. We encourage our interns to read current affairs and then pen down their views, providing a review of all articles they have read and personal view on the given topic/theme. Review article topics and themes are chosen carefully according to the Program Objectives and mainly focus on Leadership and Current Affairs.

In order to nourish humanistic leadership in our interns, we provide them an interaction opportunity with In-house Patients at Fatima Memorial Hospital, getting a chance to understand their problems and lifestyle. Each Intern is required to submit a Case Study Report on the assigned Patient, focusing on medical and personal information of the patient and then providing a critical analysis of the patient’s life.

Similar to the Patient Case Study, each intern is required to submit a Case Study Report on the assigned student from Nur Foundation School or Skills Development Institute, focusing on the lifestyle and hardships faced by the student. A Critical Analysis has to be provided in the report, concentrating on realization of the problems faced by the marginalized.

Interns in form of groups are assigned an amount of capital (fictitious), for which they have to develop a business plan. The plan consists of all the aspects of their product/service, working structure, production and a detailed marketing plan. They develop a PPT. presentation, advertisements and supporting activities. This activity is conducted to boost their confidence, team work skills, time management, stress management and cognitive skills.

“Let’s develop a caring community”; to serve the purpose we engage our interns in an activity named as 10 acts of kindness. It’s a group activity which requires them to perform 10 acts of kindness within the vicinity of Fatima Memorial Hospital and college, later they have to prepare the list of the acts along with photographs of each which are submitted to the management.  Then one act is selected and a beautiful artwork along with a 5 minute drama is prepared.

In the present scenario of the country, there is a shortage of clean water for drinking and other chores. We as a community have the responsibility to conduct awareness campaigns. It is another group activity through which the interns search and develop a presentation on importance of clean water and health issues related to it. Then they develop play cards and posters for the campaign and visit different patients and their families to spread the awareness


Nur Student Leadership Program provides a vital platform to interns for professional skills enhancement. Over the years, we have realized that our interns possess an outstanding philanthropic spirit. In order to mobilize their spirits in the right direction, we provide them an opportunity to build their fundraising and resource mobilization skills.  The project is designed to generate funds for a donation area, selected by the Interns.

Awareness of our own and others’ interpersonal skills can help us enormously in dealing with the work tasks we are responsible for. Awareness of our own and others’ interpersonal skills can help us enormously in dealing with the work tasks we are responsible for. Interns are given trainings on different aspects of IPS throughout their internship period for better development of the skills.

To help the interns in community involvement and de-marginalization, documentary making competition is articulated. They are assigned different topics in group and a week time is given for the preparation. Once all of them have prepared, the documentary is shared with the audience and the evaluation panel assesses them. All the participants are given the letters of participation and a medal is awarded to the winning group.

Interns are assigned presentation topics/themes to work upon during internship. Group presentations flourish their collaborative enterprise, frequently involving research or design that is planned carefully by the NSLP team to achieve a particular aim. Our current themes vary from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits for Successful CEOs to Potential Solutions to Food Rescue Problem in our local neighborhood.

NSLP aims to become a platform for students where they can express their thoughts and unite towards a positive social change. To understand our target audience better and to assess the level of intellect development of our current youth, questionnaires and surveys are conducted on various themes including Stress Management, Conflict Management, College Preferences, etc.

Personality Assessment is conducted before and after the internship to assess the achievement of program objectives, as a measure of quality control.

It is a one day activity which helps in gathering funds for the Fatima Memorial hospital development. The students bring homemade or readymade food items and set up their stalls. Students from college, faculty members & doctors all participate in the activity. The amount collected is later submitted to the finance department.

Launched in 2014, toy drive and book drive are for the needy children’s, whose parents don’t have the capacity to buy them. All the collected items are then sent to the Nur Foundation schools and their libraries are updated and toys are distributed among the students by the interns.

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