Nur Student Leadership Program is a part of the visionary and goal oriented approach of Fatima Memorial System (FMS) and NUR Foundation towards integrated community development. The program has evolved from the FMH Student Internship Program which was launched in 1995. The program enroll secondary, undergraduate and graduate students from National and International Organizations. To date, 4000 students from more than 100 schools, colleges and universities have completed the internship.

Scope Of Work

Since 1995, Fatima Memorial Hospital has been playing host to students from educational institutions from Pakistan and from around the world as a part of NSLP’s tradition. Every summer, a large number of O-Level, A-Level & Bachelors students from different educational institutions apply and are selected to join the Nur Student Leadership Program (NSLP).

NSLP has established a niche amongst similar initiatives as one of the finest programs for Internships in Pakistan and its popularity can be assessed by the growing number of applicants who apply for the program both locally and from overseas.

NSLP has developed strong ties with a number of institutes and accordingly revised its internship curriculum and revamped the program. A large number of interns who have gone through the summer internship come back and show their interest in the year round activities related to the program, which is a huge milestone for NSLP.

The philosophy of this internship program is to prepare youth for a better future & and facilitating them to become responsible citizens. The basic aim remains to further develop the leadership and civic sense in the youth, specifically increasing their motivation and interest, to make them more proactive, empathic and informed citizens.

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