To build bridges at the grassroots level of the society amongst students from privileged backgrounds and their marginalized fellow citizens; by providing interns with a first-hand glimpse of the hardships of life, and the trials and tribulations faced by the under-served, and instilling in them the desire to build a healthier, happier Pakistan!


NSLP’s mission is to provide opportunities to the youth of Pakistan to synthesize there leadership skills and to identify themselves as the catalyst of change for the betterment of the society.


  • To critically work on personal development of the interns
  • To provide opportunity to understand and discover the issues prevalent in the society at the grass root level
  • To seek implementable suggestion to eradicate poverty, marginalization of the community and social exclusion (Community Sensitization)
  • To provide shadowing opportunities at clinical and managerial levels/ departments in Fatima Memorial System

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