Specialized Internships

NSLP offers specialized internships in various departments at Fatima Memorial such as:

Eligibility Criteria: On-going Bachelors or Masters degree in the subject is mandatory.

Nutrition Internship


  • Fatima Memorial Hospital, Shadman, Lahore


  • 4000 PKR/Student


  • 4 WEEK

The internship program is a chance for students to increase their experience in the field of Nutrition. It’s an experience that allows you to apply the knowledge that you have learned in your degree and gain exposure in different areas (Clinical, Community, Food & Nutrition services). It provides you a platform to enhance your professional skills and build up your carrier.


  • Provide supervised practical experience and coursework to prepare interns for the diverse nature in the field Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Skill development in nutrition profession through successful completion of various ward rotations.


  • Week 1: Basic calculations & Exchange list
  • Week 2: Patient Assessment & Dietary recommendation
  • Week 3: Ward Rotations, OPD visit, & counseling of patients
  • Week 4: Community Visits, Fundraising

Learning Outcomes

  • Hands-on learning through exposure and interaction in the clinical setting
  • Updated knowledge about nutrient requirements of individual and how to cater the needs


  • BS Food & Nutrition


  • To check complete file work


  • Nutritionist
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